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J4ckiechan token druid

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デッキアーカイブ Vol.3 - 海外ゲームの英語記事を日本語訳して勝つ! Twitterのアカウントは「@HS_Read2Win」 になります。.

Standout Hearthstone Decks of the Week #5

A Token for Nellie: Atom: Atomos Mc Force: Atom Splitter: A Tough One: Atraccion: The A. Train:. Chan Beltran: Chance and a Half: Chanceforakingdom: Chance Meister.

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Latest Top Druid Decklists. Malygos Druid: J4CKIECHAN: 07.08.2018 7th August 2018 Treant Druid: J4CKIECHAN: 07.08.2018 7th August 2018 Boomsday Token Druid.

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Competitive J4CKIECHAN Hits Rank 1 legend with his Token Druid.

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大魔境ウンゴロ実装初日のニュース、注目の動画、著名プレイヤーの使用デッキリスト | Hearthstone dojo

Таунт токен друид | Hearthstone — HearthGid

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J4CKIECHAN just hit rank 1 on EU with this Egg Druid deck list.The Hearthstone collection manager desktop application brought to you by he ran out of board clears for the sheer number of token.

Let's get ready to [Hearthstone]! Tournament Details in OP

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J4ckiechan remporte la GameGune avec ses decklists originales